Parking Adventure HD 1.0

Parking Adventure HD 1.0


Size:22.9 MB

Date Added:06 November, 2014

Author: Soni Studios Pvt Ltd

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Park your car with fun and adventure!
Parking Adventure is fun parking with very cool features like:-
* Realistic driving physics
* Simple controls laid out for two thumbs
* Zoom, pan routes to find the parking spot
* 27 levels of parking action
* More levels coming soon!

Its a free Car Parking Game with 27 Levels of Parking fun, more to come!
In Parking Adventure, you have to quickly get your car to the parking spot without damaging it. Park like a pro!

Parking is not less than an adventure when it comes to metropolitan cities,huge malls,jammed roads and honking horns.Steering your car neatly in such circumstances is a tedious job to accomplish and when done gives you a feeling of as if you are super driver.
So are you ready take this challenge, bang on ..

you got the car to steer, position yourself to shift the gears,
And in a ride or two, get rid off your parking fear.

But beware! though you got a brand new car ,dont accelerate too much or else you ll end up loosing your ride .Yeah you got it right!! you don™t need to face the music if you dent your car or even blow up your ride ,so eNJoy..!!!
Don™t worry nobody's going to ask you for license.. ;)

System Requirements: Requires iOS 4.3 or later. Compatible with iPad.

Systems: iOS

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